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Home Visits

Our registered Nurses will come to visit the Patient at home in order to perform the following services:

  • Check of general condition and vital signs
  • Provide wound-care of chronic wounds or post surgery
  • Escort the Patient to Hospital or Clinic visits
  • Assistance for family with tube feeding, bed-shower or other hygienic procedures

Domestic Care

Our well trained Nurses (Registered Nure or Practical Nurse) will take care of a Patient in a personal care setting at the home or place of choice of the Patient.

From basic post-surgical fall-risk management to post-stroke care or simple dementia monitoring and assistance, we offer individualized care to every client:

  • Daily 5 - 24h care by 1 or 2 Nurses at the domestic space of the Patient
  • Monitoring of general condition, nutricion and vital signs, including English documentation
  • Rental and Management of necessary medical equipment
  • Management of Hospital appointments and escort to Physician consultation
  • 24/7h on-call Interpreter Service in German, Swedish, and English for Patient, Family and Insurance
  • International third Party Payor Service - Insurance direct billing Management
  • Assessment and Modification of Domestic space if requested by client
  • Assistance with social matters and contact to family via phone and VDO calls
  • Assistance with basic, non-medical matters, such as mealplans and social matters, friend visits or trips to nature if requested and approved by the patients physician and family
Rent a Nurse Thailand
Rent a Nurse Thailand
Rent a Nurse Thailand

First Aid Standby

Our nursing staff will standby at your Factory, School or other establishment, in order to be able to respond fast in case of sudden injury or sickness occurs.

  • Standby from 5 up to 7 days on spot
  • Providance of First Aid and Basic Life Support
  • Documentation of sickness or injury for HR and treating physician
  • Management of basic medical equipment


Besides providing care on a western Standard safety-level with a highly ethical approach, we also focus heavily on the non-medical components of good care, such as excellent communication between Patient and Caregiver and assistance in other every-day life situations like arranging our Clients favorite dishes and escorting the Patient on shopping- or other hobby related trips.

We are well aware of the different cultures and communication barriers of our elderly Expat and Tourists Clients and are determined to absorb any additional stress, arising from the special setting of being an elderly “foreigner”.

As parts of our Patients families often live far away but may be an important social factor for the Patient, we are constantly assisting Family and Patient to communicate via voice-calls and video-calls.

A peace of mind and full trust from the Patient, their Family and the other involved parties is our highest goal.

Rent a Nurse Thailand

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